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15 games available for download for free from Google Play Store.
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15 games available for download for free from App Store.
2 new games in development.

“I just love how simple and yet efficient the app is. Well done! ❤️”

“The first version was good, but the second version is way better! Better interface and easier to use. Certainly an educational game.

”You guys have put Sheldon Cooper’s Fun with Flags to shame.”


– review for Country Mania

“Such a stunningly beautiful app! Also, the teaching method is really effective. The Easy levels teach and train really well. The Medium levels consolidate the knowledge. But the Hard levels are a bit too challenging for me at the moment. Alright, time to learn again lol.”

“Love how beautiful the sky looks and the background soundtracks. I could basically change EVERYTHING in the sky to make it look the best to me. Learning and admiring at the same time.”


– review for Sky Academy

“No special equipment needed, no radio station needed, just a smartphone with Morse Chat and your journey of becoming a radio operator starts. Fantastic idea!”

“Thank you for modernising the ham radio. A really convenient tool for radio operators.”

“Wow, superb idea! Finally a place to get to know some ham radio operators from around the world.”


– review for Morse Chat

“Never thought I’d learn the signal flags and yet here I am. I must say the teaching method is quite effective as I remembered all the letters and numbers in two days. How do I know? Well, I typed almost all the words in the Word levels correctly. 🙂 Haven’t started the Abbreviation levels yet but they seem useful. Keep up the good work!”

“Two days after I downloaded the app I was on a six-bridge cruise in Porto, Portugal, and I impressed all my friends by translating the signal flags on the boat. That was fun!”


– review for Maritime Academy

“It’s a unique experience to gain insights into how visually impaired people read and write. In general, I like the turn-learning-into-gaming approach of the company and I like how the learning materials are categorised. It did help me memorise all the patterns efficiently. Bought the premium version to support the developer and it’s absolutely worth it!”


– review for Braille Academy

“Wish the app existed when I was in high school. Would have certainly helped me in chemistry. Still fun to revise all the elements tho.”

“Don’t tell my chemistry teacher but the app is more effective than him. :P”

”Much more fun to learn the elements by playing games and knowing there’s no exam waiting for me. :)”


– review for Elements Academy

“Free and no ads? A true gem in the Play store! Love Level 5 Question 5 by the way. Made my whole family laugh. lol”

“Finally an emoji game which DOESN’T let you guess “dog” + “cat” + “monkey” means “animals”. Very well-thought puzzles! LOVING them!”

”Many of the quiz questions are brain teasers. FUN FUN FUN!”


– review for Emoji Mania

“This is a very good game. It just requires speed, divided focus and agility. I highly recommend you download this game. It is a whole lot of fun. Not stressing at all according to my judgment, just entertaining, relaxing and helps develop your mind to a faster one!”


– review for Brick Mania

“Absolutely effective! Played for a few hours and now I can recognize all the Greek letters, uppercase AND lowercase! Strongly recommend it for everyone who wants to memorize the Greek alphabet. Wish everything was free tho but there’s no ads, so I guess it’s fair. ”

“LOVE the speaking training particularly!”


– review for Greek Alphabet Academy

“I played Jezzball before and this game is such an upgrade! The graphics are much better and all those special atoms and power-ups make the game really exciting. One bonus point, there are no annoying ads in the games unless you want to get extra lives for a level.”


– review for Jezz Mania

“I have been trying to learn Morse Code for a while now and this app is by far and away the most useful tool I have ever found. I Highly recommend this to anyone out there. It makes learning Morse really fun, and the app feels like playing a game, so getting new patterns down and finishing the levels feels really rewarding.”

“Love the newest version which trains how to SEND Morse code! Now the app is complete. Well done!”


– review for Morse Mania

“I’ve always been interested in learning lipreading and this is one of the few apps which actually teaches and trains this skill. Not sure how well I will be able to read lips but so far so good. It’s a brilliant idea to turn the practice into a game. Expecting chapters including paragraphs and so on.”


– review for Lipreading Academy

“Used the NATO Phonetic Alphabet to report my license number while flying and this app helped refresh my memory. I like the practice through speaking, which is absent in most similar apps. Strongly recommended for radiotelephone communicators who want to learn and practice.”


– review for NATO Alphabet

“I’ve always wanted to visit Switzerland and after playing the game for a few days, I made the country my top destination. The Jungfrau mountain, the Aescher restaurant, the Blausee Lake look simply unrealistic, and yet I read that the developer took all the pictures in the game himself. A super fun way to learn about the country! Beautifully made and educational, and even better, completely free and no ads! Highly recommended!”


– review for Swiss Mania

“I never thought a jumping game could be so THRILLING! The developer should put up a warning: Not suitable for players with heart conditions. Lol just kidding, but absolutely super fun!”


– review for Hop Mania

“This app is really amazing. While other colouring apps are full of promotions and advertisements, this app is pretty simple and decent. Also the shapes and colours are pretty realistic. It has a simple home screen and star ⭐ (thing which is earned by completing levels) logic which helps you use boosters. ❤️Worth downloading❤️.”


– review for Color Mania