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Dong Digital is a registered Swiss company (UID: CHE-221.650.067) based in Canton Zug, Switzerland and is dedicated to developing educational and fun apps both on the iOS and the Android platform.

Currently there are 21 apps available on the Android platform, and 21 apps available on the iOS platform, such as Sky Academy, Country Mania, Geo Mania, Art Academy, Landmark Quiz, Chinese Checkers, Brick Mania, Morse Mania, Morse Chat, Elements Academy, Greek Alphabet Academy, Braille Academy, Maritime Academy and so on.

To know more about the aforementioned apps, please click here to read about them or even better, simply download them and try them out!

Our games

Country Mania

Flags, capitals, maps & currencies: one app to learn them all!
According to Devang, it has put Sheldon Cooper’s Fun with Flags to shame.

Geo Mania

Guess famous landmarks, cities and World Heritage sites from their satellite view! Let your smartphone/tablet + Geo Mania + internet take you to explore the earth’s natural and cultural wonders from above.

Sky Academy

Learn to recognize all the constellations and brightest stars from a gold medal winner of the International Astronomy Olympiad!

Art Academy

Learn basics as well as details and interesting facts about the world’s most famous 100 paintings and sculptures with a unique quiz game.

Landmark Quiz

900+ questions in 90+ levels help you learn not only the basics but also details and interesting facts about the world’s most famous 100 landmarks.

Braille Academy

Learn and practice Braille while playing!
Experience how visually impaired people read (touch reading).

Elements Academy

The best app to memorize all the elements of the periodic table with the least efforts.

Morse Chat

Just like WhatsApp, but for ham/amateur radio fans like you and me.
Communicate with the world in Morse code (CW)!

Chinese Checkers

Play Chinese Checkers (Sternhalma), a popular strategy board game, online with friends/strangers or offline with bots.

Emoji Mania

Interpret, guess, and solve!
Best Emoji quiz game of the year!
Its 1500 unique Emoji puzzles will keep you entertained for a long time.

Morse Mania

Learn Morse Code while playing!
Master both receiving and sending skills!
More than 800k downloads and rated 4.85/5 by more that 12K users.

Maritime Academy

Effectively learn maritime flag signalling & the International Code of Signals (ICS).
Designed for mariners, travellersyachtsmenpleasure cruisers and anyone who enjoys spending time around the waterfront.

Brick Mania

A fantastic reinvention of the classic Brick Breaker (breakout clone) games.
Relaxing and yet super satisfying!

Greek Alphabet Academy

Master the Ancient Greek Alphabet through reading, listening and speaking!

Pixer Guesser

Guess a famous logo, artwork, landmark or an iconic portrait of a famous person from a pixelated image. An absolutely fun brain teaser.

Jezz Mania

Classic Jezzball on steroids!

Lipreading Academy

Lipreading is no longer a mystery.
It simply needs teaching and training, both inclusive in the app.

NATO Alphabet

Essential knowledge for radio/telephone communicators.

Swiss Mania

Trivia quiz game about Switzerland.
How much do you know about this stunningly beautiful country?

Color Mania

A fun and relaxing coloring game, where everyone is an artist!

Hop Mania

A fun game to challenge your strategic thinking and speed of reaction. Lovely and absolutely thrilling!